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Our history

The market farms were born from a university entrepreneurial project initiated by Maude Laroche, president and founder of the company. The goal was to create a platform to reduce the cost of transmitting food between producers and customers. A geography student, Maude had the desire and the will to rethink the food delivery system. It is by using the different aspects of her geographical knowledge that she succeeded in creating ''Les fermes du marché''. The company then aims to promote national development, culture, sustainability and the GIS.  It is essential for Maude to keep the values and culture traditionally associated with agriculture, however, by adding a touch of technology and modernity. 

How does ''Market Farms'' contribute to sustainable development?


We offer an internship program allowing students of all levels to come and watch, learn or gain experience within our company;

We offer a francization and work partnership program.


We perform a carbon offset using one tree per order sold;


We take one of the lowest commissions in Quebec on food products sold on our site; this allows our farmers and entrepreneurs to get more in their pockets;


We carry out protectionism on the Quebec food economy;


We value agriculture and its workers. 

Image by Jordan Rowland

Our pink commitment

By offering rosy standards to their female workers. Women working at ''Les fermes du marché'' can get up to 6 days off due to their menstruation and they can also get free feminine sanitary products and come to work with their children;

Meet Our Team

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