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Les Fermes du Marché

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We are an online farmer's market. Founded locally, Les Fermes du Marché aims to strengthen independent agriculture in Quebec. When you buy from Les Fermes du Marché, you are buying directly from small businesses and farmers. All the products listed on our site are grown and produced by companies based in Quebec, using local food products as much as is possible. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to environmental sustainability, and as such we effectuate a carbon compensation for every order placed on our platform.

Step 1 

You make your purchases on the site.

Step 2 

Merchants receive and process your order.

Step 3 

We collect your purchases.

Step 4

We ship the same day we receive your products.

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We work with the best farms to deliver high quality food to you.
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Haskap Petit Fruits St-Louis


Emma Brewery


Chocolate Sweets


Chocolate Sweets

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